Monday, 24 May 2010

Journey Begins

By Ummu Ammar

Saying GOODBYE can be very difficult, especially when it means leaving family, friends and familiar surroundings behind. No words can ever describe our feelings from the moment we left Sidam (Wednesday,20May) and Manjoi (Friday,21 May). We started the journey with Azan by Ayah & it was so touching. Huhuhu...i'm now crying.It was a difficult moment in our hearts and it ended in KLIA on 23 May 2010 whre KLIA was sort of "flooded" with our tears again (after 5 years we left for Perth in 2005). Let us (oopss,me) forget the sad episode & how to overcome it?

Last moment in Kedah with Tok, Mak, Ayah and Yati

Very touching azan by Ayah

1. Let's have a window open in our hearts for there will be new family & friends to hold each other and of course new challenges to meet!

2. Nawaitu..InsyaAllah this would be the strength in starting a new life far from home. Seeking knowlegde for the sake of Mardhatillah as part of Sunnah and that's the gold mission to be accomplished! Hubby already achieved it in Perth & now we together with 3 kids have to "all-out" in UK for the next three years, InsyaAllah. May Allah bless our journey.

3. Death will be the end of our life. We must always prepare to live after that (in the hereafter).

Ammar&Aisyah enjoying themselves in Tazli's bathroom now. It looks like 'hotel'for them because there is a bath tub:) inyaallah, the journey begins& till we meet again.

Travel is a means to an end, to a new place call home.


  1. Salam boss,

    Selamat berjuang, balik dgn seketul kekuatan untuk berjuang menegakkan islam dibumi tercinta. Takbir3x

  2. salam perkenalan,kak..

    moga pertemuan pertama di Nottingham nanti bakal,menguntumkan ukhwah yang baru

    harap akak gembira dengan kami..

    Walau tak dapat gantikan keluarga terdekat,iA,kami hadir sebagai keluarga baru. Moga Allah selamatkan perjalanan akak ke Nottingham.. Wassalam

  3. Allah tahu yang terbaik... Dah terlanjur ada di sana, usahalah utk terus capai kejayaan yg boleh membawa manfaat ke seluruh alam...